Blacksmith Classes And Bladesmithing Classes By Fire Creek Forge

My current class format is customized on an individual basis, with one on one instruction.

Please contact me via our contact form if you are interested in blacksmithing or blade smithing instruction.

Cost for instruction is $50 per hour. (Beginner classes, for example, generally run 3 hours.) Depending on the class, materials and all tools are provided and included in the price.

I currently provide instruction in the following general categories:

  • Bladesmithing and knifemaking
  • Beginner blacksmithing
  • Basic through intermediate blacksmithing

Specific Classes:

Basic Bladesmithing - $350

Class runs 6-8 hours. Forge a basic hunting style knife, finish it out with a fully functional handle.

Beginning Blacksmithing - $150

Class runs three hours. Forge several simple projects, gaining a practical understanding and skills in basic blacksmithing technique.

We can easily tailor a class specifically for your current skill level and what you want to learn.

Please Note: While precaution is taken for safety, blacksmithing and blade smithing are inherenely dangerous. 

Each participant must sign a waiver prior to taking the class, and parents /  guardians must sign for minors.