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When you buy from Fire Creek Forge, you are supporting a family in Idaho, USA. For that we thank you!

Elijah Williams is a Forged In Fire Champion, Season 6 Episode 8: Yamashita's Gunto

Welcome To Fire Creek Forge

Freedom. Adventure. Craftsmanship.

These ideas embody what we find appealing about navigating the wild and wonderful waters of self employment. 

Owning a business in the crafts of blade smithing, blacksmithing, and leather craft gives us the freedom to choose when to spend family time, over the usual long work day. The freedom to chart a course for the future of our family. 

Adventure finds us in many ways, whether that's a day in the woods with the family, or the never ending process of learning the ins and outs of providing the best products and service to you, our customer. 

Craftsmanship is important to us: the quality, fit and finish of our products. You know, "the way things used to be made".  We want you to not only experience the look and feel of our products, but the superior performance found in our quality, 100% hand made knives, goods and tools.

Thank you for choosing Fire Creek Forge, and allowing us to share a little of ourselves with you!

Elijah, Sarah, and Family